Lilith Moscon

Lilith 1 copy Lilith started her practice of Ashtanga Yoga in 2004 and was certified as a yoga teacher in 2008. She took part in trainings with David Swenson and Lino Miele.
She moved to Berlin in 2008 and became a student of Andrea Lutz. She participated in Andrea’s teacher training and in trainings guided by Manju P. Jois, Nancy Gilgoff and Matthew Vollmer. Lilith assists Andrea in her teaching and in 2010 she began to teach her own classes at the Ashtanga Studio in Berlin and at the Studio Radici e ali in Florence.
Lilith studied philosophy and literature at the University of Florence with a particular focus on philosophy of the mind and fenomenology.




Francesca started practicing Ashtanga Yoga in the year 2012 and was certified as a teacher in 2016.
From the beginning understands the power of the practice and the profound change that it would have bring to her mind, body and life. She has participated, over the years, at various seminars (including also a period of practice in India in Goa and in New Delhi) and has studied with many teachers such as: Andrea Lutz, Matthew Vollmer, Manju Pattabhi jois, Regina Ehlers and Gabriella Pascoli.
She assists Lilith in her lessions at the Center Radici ed Ali in Fienze and at the Centro Olistico Hara also in Florence from 2015.